Are you working in your zone of genius? Are you playing the bigger game? What is holding you back?

After a successful career in corporate marketing and business development, I set up bStrategic in 2004. My passion is driven by the joy of seeing female entrepreneurs’ step into the most thriving version of themselves. I have made it my purpose to provide a bespoke service to make this a reality.

I help mission-led female entrepreneurs who feel stuck in their business to feel excited again. I empower women to use this new-found enthusiasm and combine it with inner confidence, a clear vision and a killer marketing strategy. This creates unstoppable momentum, fuelling both business growth and the deeper mission.

After managing my own successful marketing business for over a decade, I then founded a technology company called mySircles; a communication app with the aim of building strong parenting communities. 

These parallel experiences have kept me grounded. Rather than just giving advice to female entrepreneurs, I have had to step up myself, follow my own lead and stay connected to my own passion and purpose.

If you want to take your business to the next level, breakthrough limitations and are ready to scale-up, then get in touch. I offer coaching to support people like you, that are driven by a desire and passion to take make a difference.

I'd love to connect, here's my calendar link

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